June 2008 Top Teamer

The newest recipient of Top Teamer honor is Tyler, or Snozz as you might know him, a student at the University of Indiana. Read our interview with Tyler below.

When did you first start listening to Brand New?
The summer before sophomore year (2003). My best friend, Tim, played Deja in my room and wanted to show me the cool transition between Spin Light and Tommy Gun. I actually wasn't that impressed, but I was going to see them with Dashboard in Chicago, so I gave the CD a listen.

And it was true love?
Not with Deja. I got into YFW first and then gradually matured to Deja. I'm a huge fan of Logan to Government Center. That and Jude Law were my 2 favorite songs on the CD.

So... you have horrible taste in music?
Pretty much.

Can you get me the tabs for Sudden Death In Carolina?
Probably. I've tabbed just about every other song they've written.

That's kind of obsessive. When did you first realize that Jesse Lacey was your soulmate?
Hahaha, when i got a tattoo of his face on my face. Actually, are you referring to the 3 year "thought I knew Jesse Lacey" period?

I forgot about that. Describe that to the readers.
Jesus. So, I'm a gullible 14 year old. I'm given a screen name and I talk to "him" for a while. To make a long story short, I kept getting info before it hit the forum, so I figured it was really him. Then I meet him in real life outside of the Congress in Chicago, ask if he knows the girl who gave me the SN, and realize that I was a douchebag.

At least you realized you were before someone else had to tell you. So if you were stuck on a deserted island all alone and could only bring one CD with you, which CD would it be, and which member of New Found Glory would you be stranded with?
Dude, the only guy I know who is in NFG is Chad because of that whole fiasco. But the CD.....

Well, I really don't care about the CD part, I just wanted to know the NFG part, but go ahead...
Oh, well i wouldn't need a CD then, I'd just have Chad cover whatever song I wanted. Except for Neutral Milk Hotel and BN. Dude, what's up with everyone going apeshit about NMH lately?

Here's what going on with people going apeshit over NMH. Nobody knew who they were. Jesse talked about how much he liked them. Everybody who thinks they are friends with, or will one day be friends with, Jesse has to start liking them now, it's a fact of creepy band fans.
Damn, I guess I'm on the restraining order list, then.

Who knows more about Brand New: you, or the band members' families?
Definitely band members' families.

You'd keep it close though, I figure.
Except if I could get the chance to hang out with them for a day or whatever, I would pick their brains the entire time

So in order to get this published you're going to need to tattoo BrandNewStreet.com between your shoulder blades, I'm glad you're willing to make that commitment.
At least I don't have to decide what to get now. Actually, I'll probably still just get Jesse's face like I said before.

Alright thanks and congrats.